Friday, November 27, 2009

New British Invisible Tank

This is the latest in technology from the idea's of creating military weapons that you can not see, these are new sorts of war monitoring tricks the deception of war this is and a new era coming. Its always what you don't see you have to worry about.There was a project called The Philadelphia Experiment the theory was to make a ship literally disappear this type of technology has been around for year now, but most people do not pay attention nor read about the advancement in progress. But as for this new British invention is something that will dominate the world. Imagine if we are in a war and the people do not even see where the tank is coming from this is new and improved tank. My opinion the British Defense Researchers have out done themselves with something that is this advanced, I am not even going to think about how this is done.

In 1943 Albert Einstein worked with the military on Electro-Magnetic energy that made things disappear this type of experiments were done back in the time around 1945, People like Albert Einstein also worked on military projects for example the atomic bomb. These are inventions that we really don't need but in case we have to defend our country these weapons are important to have but I will not voice my opinion on right what we are doing with our military is a mess and I do not think it's in anyway righteous because at the cost of so many lives. Not to mention the money being put out on these bogus wars it's a little insane. But we live in insanity everyday of our lives, well maybe you might be in denial that you are but if you live in America at some point or another you will get a taste of the reality of what I am speaking of because we all get a taste of it.

Science is the new world is improving what we are doing everyday. Here I am going to provide you with a small sample of how this technology plays a trick on the human eyes, electro-magnetic devices are going to rule our new inventions we have never seen before what we are about to start seeing, meta-material is going to become the new form of science virtual experiments on making things look like it vanishes. Here is a sample of what we are looking at for the future in technology. This type of science is something that can make you wonder what else can be done in the future or more like who is really putting such creations together if you have read any of my other blogs our technology is getting far more advance then what we are aware of as people. Here is the tank that really gives you an idea of what type of future that we are going to be heading towards.

Additional footage on invisible tanks (Click Here)